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Rooted in Christ, Loving Our Neighbors 

We strive to be a church that cultivates deep roots in Christ and active love for our neighbors. We want to grow deeper in knowing God and living in community with one another, while at the same time, growing wider as we love and serve those around us.

Rooted in Christ


Loving our Neighbors





Logan Dagley

Lead Pastor

Logan and his wife Lisa have been married for over a decade and have four children. He has been a pastor for the past 10 years, and prior to this, he spent time overseas as a missionary to college students. Logan received his undergraduate degree from The University of North Carolina and earned an M.Div., M.A. in Old Testament Studies, and Ph.D. in Applied Theology.

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Rob wong

Executive Pastor

Rob was born and raised in NYC and alongside his wife Mabel, is now raising his four daughters here in the city. He has spent the last 25 years working in finance.





The Gospel changes everything. It is the good news of what God has accomplished through Christ in his perfect life, sacrificial death, and glorious resurrection to restore us into a renewed relationship with God and others. Everything we do is shaped by this life-changing, world-altering message.


The Gospel produces a redeemed and transformed community. We are committed to loving one another, living life together, and challenging one another to grow as disciples of Christ.


The church’s life together fuels our mission in the world. As Jesus did, we seek to proclaim the gospel and show mercy to those in need—making disciples and loving our neighbors. The church does not exist for itself, but for the good of its neighbors, city, and world.


We have explained our mission and values above. If you’d like a more in-depth explanation of our doctrinal beliefs, you may want to read The Baptist Faith & Message.